Eco-Friendly Halloween Pet Costumes

No time for a DIY Halloween Costume for your pets...well don't worry there's plenty of them out there, some much more eco-friendly then others.  Below are six great looking Halloween costumes for our canine and feline babies.  One or two aren't perfectly eco-friendly because they are few and far between to find, but they are pretty darn close and all are made in the USA.  Afterall, it's just for a few hours, one day a year so let's just relax and enjoy the moment and have some fun with it.

  1. Bootiful Tank Dress  This adorable little number is perfect for either a dog or cat girls, because it comes in sizes XXS to L  But hurry if you want this one on time for the big day. Made with comfortable cotton and just a hint of lycra for a great fit.
  2. Boo Rhinestone Scarf  Easy and cute  Read More......

6 DIY Pet Halloween Costumes

I'm getting ready to make my own halloween costumes for our dogs. It's fun and can be easy (or not) depending on what type of costume you want to make.

I've put together a list of a few really adorable costumes that you can make with just a few items.

Easy & Comfy DIY Halloween Pet Costumes

  1. Howl-O-Hippie Dog Costume All that's needed is a small piece of fabric for bandana and leg wear.  Or, just the bandana is fine also.  If you can't find or don't have a piece sign get some colored oak tag at your local dollar store and cut some out.  They can be hot glued onto the scarf and by the way if you have an old tie die shirt that would be a perfect addition to this costume.
  2. Indian Cat Costume  This is a really cut outfit.  You'll find just about all your supplies in any craft  Read More......

All About Pumpkins and Dogs

October is the month when we see Pumpkins everywhere.  We can pick them or shop for them almost anywhere you live.  Lots of great stuff can be made with pumpkins, like pie, bread, soup, jack-o-lanterns and the list goes on and on.  What we love about Pumpkin is that it makes wonderful healthy treat for your pup.  Pumpkin is filled with lots of great stuff for your dogs and they go absolutely bananas for it.  Here's just a couple of ideas for making your babies some delicious treats.

First, lets start with pups that have sensitive tummys. We don't want to forget about them. These Gluten Free Pumpkin Dog Treats  will have these doggies wagging their tails for more.

Maybe these  Homemade Pumpkin Dog Biscuits are more to your pups liking.  A really nice traditional bone for your  Read More......

October Already…Think Dogs & Apples


Either way you think about it, it's October already and that means apple picking time is in full force and so are these delicious treats that can be made with apple pie, candy apples, applesauce and of course, apple dog treats.  

Some apple orchards even let you bring your dogs and if you're lucky enough to be able to pick your own apples then go for it, or just pick some up at your favorite farm stand or supermarket.  Either way apple goodness is about to happen.

Start with this easy homemade applesauce recipe. Put some on top of your pets food for an extra little something or just give him some in a bowl....they're gonna love it.  

If applesauce isn't for you, then try making dehydrated apple slices.

Both the applesauce and apple slices should keep in  Read More......

Help us pick a Halloween Costume Theme

Since we have 4 dogs now (well 3 + 1 foster), I've been trying to come up with a Halloween theme for their costumes. I can't decide, so I'm asking you.  


Whatever the final decision, I'm going to try to make them myself. That should be interesting. I've got a sewing machine but that doesn't mean I know how to use it!

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